In a good partnership, there are always two winners.

Our partner

GMB Glasmanufaktur Brandenburg

Our investment in the former television tube factory in Tschernitz (Niederlausitz, Germany) allowed the establishment of an ultra-modern production plant for solar glass: GMB Glasmanufaktur Brandenburg. GMB produces only high-quality, low-iron solar glass exclusively for Interfloat, 365 days a year. This is made possible by the use of state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, electronic quality assurance systems, as well as by avoiding batch manufacture.

Glasimport Greenhouses B.V.

Specific cooperation can create specific added value for our customers: our partnership with Glasimport Greenhouses B.V., which began in 2013, is a case in point: Glasimport Greenhouses B.V. is a long-established supplier with a firm position on the Dutch glass market. Starting as an importer of East-European horticultural glass, in the 1990s the company became a local glass trader and supplier of replacement glass for a variety of fields. Today, Glasimport Greenhouses B.V. is a renowned supplier of top-quality greenhouse glass and exclusive distributor of GMB VETRASOL solar glass for greenhouses worldwide.